Our Clients

Are Our Shinning Stars

Some of the greatest organizations in Portugal are our satisfied customers since 2016.


These companies have trusted us with projects that have relevant impact in their organizations, from Big Data to Business Value.

Our Clients

BNP ParibasCofidisActivoBankCrayonWortenTAPSLBNOSMicrosoftmaatJosé de MelloGALPFundação José NevesERSEEDPREDPCTTCascaisanfAnacom

Our Major Partners


Microsoft Partner, Parceiro Microsoft Partner, Parceiro SingularityDE
Nova Anlytics, Parceiro Nova Analytics, Parceiro SingularityDE
NovaIMS, Parceiro NovaIMS, Parceiro SingularityDE
EDP digital global unit, Parceiro EDP digital global unit, Parceiro SingularityDE
DSPA, Patrceiro DSPA , Parceiro SingularityDE

Since 2016 we’ve created powerful alliances and partnerships that empower us to go further and deeper, scaling our expertise and knowledge. Best practises, excellence, innovation and be ahead of time are characteristics we find in our partners.

Singularity Awards & Recognition

EU Seal of Excellence

Singularity Digital Enterprise won in 2018 the EU Seal of Excellence for the “Roamers” project (Touristic Information Portal code name).

MICROSOFT Recognition

In 2018, Microsoft recognized the Touristic Information Portal as the best data monetization strategy project for the Telecommunications Market.