ActivoBank adopts Power Management Cockpit to increase the Bank’s performance

In the constant search for innovation to simplify processes, ActivoBank challenged Singularity Digital Enterprise to adopt a solution for compiling analytical and management information, with the main objective of making the analysis and decision-making process more efficient for different levels of the bank structure.

In just 4 months, Singularity Digital Enterprise, together with the bank’s team, implemented the Power Management Cockpit®, with this tool being used daily to monitor the main management indicators.

With the Power Management Cockpit®, you can quickly access the main business indicators, updated according to different periodicities. From the initial visualization, it is possible to explore and deepen the information and specific KPIs of a business unit or department, understanding the causes of deviations or predicting some business indicators to improve management.

According to António Bandeira, CEO of ActivoBank, who presented this success story at Building the Future 2022, “With the Power Management Cockpit®, today we have a set of almost 400 indicators that tell us, at any given moment, what we need to know to have an adequate vision and follow-up of the business.“

“Focusing on what is essential, organizing information, and creating the ability to continue the process in order to prepare for the future is absolutely vital and I think this was achieved with the project from both sides. We had teams that bet on development and architecture that today allows us to grow. Every day we have new needs, and now we have an architecture that allows us to grow by bringing to the table what is really important regarding the main indicators for the bank”, said António Bandeira.

“With the Power Management Cockpit®, it was possible to define a reference architecture for the information, and organize processes for collecting this information that not only allowed us to collect this information on a regular basis but above all, gave us the ability to grow as we needed it. to incorporate new information. We set up a structure that allows for a high-level view but also gives us a detailed view of each of the indicators that we have incorporated into the solution, and these were perhaps the main reasons that led us to design and implement this solution with Singularity Digital. Enterprise.”

For Pedro André Martins, CEO, and founder of Singularity Digital Enterprise, “I am very proud of Singularity Digital Enterprise for yet another successful implementation of the Power Management Cockpit® and for the impact that the solution has brought to ActivoBank. This is our first implementation of Power Management Cockipt® in the banking sector, but I am sure that others will follow, is already considered a national reference by Microsoft. Today, as never before, managers must-have tools like the Power Management Cockpit® to control, monitor, and anticipate their business”.