ISQ and Singularity Digital Enterprise establish agreement to promote solutions around ​​Sustainability – ESG

Lisbon, 26th September ISQ and Singularity Digital Enterprise have just signed a Partnership Protocol to provide the market with solutions for monitoring and managing Sustainability indicators by the best practices and standards in Europe and the World.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria are a critical component in today’s business context, as the emerging regulation obliges many companies to report non-financial information at the European level. More and more consumers, customers, employees and society are paying attention to these vectors in organizations, which gain importance as relevant as the financial results presented.

With the signing of this Protocol, the market will have at its disposal a set of instruments that will allow it to develop a systematic approach to monitoring sustainability indicators (Sustainability Performance Cockpits). This partnership will promote the mapping and framing of companies in the areas of ESG, with the analysis, integration and presentation of data and indicators using advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.

The Protocol, signed by Pedro Matias, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ISQ, João Safara, Administrator of ISQ, and Pedro André Martins, CEO and founder of Singularity DE, thus begins a new line of work that allows companies to have services that are essential in a modern world where issues related to the environment, social impact and governance models are the order of the day.

According to Pedro Matias, President of ISQ, “ISQ, as a renowned entity in the area of ​​engineering, technical inspections and quality, has extensive experience in the area of ​​Sustainability in the industry. Singularity DE, in turn, has several national and international references in the implementation of Sustainability Performance Cockpits in various economic sectors, so this is a natural partnership that will provide the market with integrated and innovative solutions in terms of ESG with the analysis, integration and presentation of data and indicators using advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence”.

For Pedro André Martins, CEO and founder of Singularity DE, “It is with great satisfaction that Singularity DE establishes this strategic partnership with ISQ, an organization with more than 50 years of experience in certification and quality, to provide the national market with and internationally the best practices of analysis and management of sustainability indicators (ESG), thus contributing to a more sustainable, transparent, open and inclusive society”.



ISQ is a private, independent entity that delivers value through integrated and innovative engineering, inspection, testing and training services solutions.

Present in 14 countries and with 7 offices in Portugal, ISQ supports its clients in reducing risk, improving operational performance and increasing competitiveness.

The activity carried out is supported by a network of Group Companies, a set of Accredited Laboratories and multidisciplinary teams that help clients to align their business objectives with the applicable regulations and standards and in the fulfillment of their goals in the areas of quality, safety, asset management and environmental and social responsibility.

Industry, Technology and Innovation are the premises that guide the work developed by ISQ, which already has more than 500 international Innovation projects and more than 17,000 professional training courses.

ISQ supports industry development and innovation globally with service solutions for the Oil & Gas, Energy, Aeronautics and Aerospace, Process Industry, Health, Mobility and Smart Cities, Transport and Infrastructure and Agribusiness sectors.

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Singularity Digital Enterprise was founded in 2016 by two former Microsoft employees (Pedro Martins and Hugo Cartaxeiro), with a long time of collaboration in the organization.

The company’s creation responded to the market’s need to transform organizations’ data (both internal and external) into real competitive advantages for the business, with products and services developed through Data Science, AI and Machine Learning. In 2019, Singularity DE created the Power BI & AI Competence Center to focus on developing specialized projects in the Microsoft Power Platform.

The company currently has a robust client portfolio, which includes the largest Portuguese accounts, with projects with a very relevant impact on Organizations, namely EDP, Microsoft, Galp, José de Mello Saúde, among others. Singularity DE has grown steadily in terms of Turnover and the number of employees.