Singularity Digital Enterprise book ´Building a Data-Driven Organization’ now available on Amazon

Written by Daniel W. Rasmus, Pedro Martins, and Hugo Cartaxeiro, this is a must-read book for anyone interested in how organizations that choose to become data-driven can start their journey today.

Take a look at what it is all about:

We live in a universe of data. Organizations have shifted their attention towards becoming more capable and efficient when handling data to create new business opportunities and obtain better results.
Nowadays, decisions need to be data-focused, bringing us facts and not limiting our decision with intuition, instinct, or common sense. Data also guides us with a more sophisticated understanding of market performance and how they generate more value for clients.

Organizations that choose to become data-driven can start their journey today.
Power Management Cockpit is a unique reporting solution developed by Singularity Digital Enterprise that monitors all business performance in an intuitive, rich, and uniform way. It is nicknamed “eye of the business”, whether it’s used for a group of companies, a single company, or individual departments that want to become data-driven.

Are you interested in the book? Buy it now on Amazon!

(Post first published in February 2022 and edited on 13th April 2022).