Singularity Digital Enterprise develops data visualization, modeling, and exploration of the Brighter Future Project from Fundação José Neves

Singularity Digital Enterprise develops data visualization, modeling, and exploration of the Brighter Future Project from Fundação José Neves

  • José Neves Foundation’s pioneering platform promotes employment in Portugal using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Singularity Digital Enterprise’s work consisted of analyzing more than 200 million records from more than 2,500 different data sources.
  • Fundação José Neves is a philanthropic initiative for education, created by the CEO of Farfetch.

Singularity Digital Enterprise, a Portuguese company dedicated to the development and commercialization of products and services in the areas of Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning was chosen to develop the visualization, modeling, and data exploration of the Brighter Future Project, from Fundação José Neves, created by the entrepreneur and founder of Farfetch.

The Brighter Future Project creates a perfect match between people and their professional future, according to their level of education, promoting employment in Portugal through free and universal access to this digital tool, providing the largest knowledge base on education, employment and skills in Portugal.

The project meets the mission of Fundação José Neves in contributing to the development of Portugal and helping it to become a Country of knowledge through Education, providing innovative tools to develop Portugal’s talent and potential.

The new platform is a powerful tool in the hands of its various users (students, workers, employers, educational institutions, policymakers, among others), since it allows a “matchmaking” between the search for specific skills in the labor market with the various employability perspectives associated with careers and/or training courses.

Singularity Digital Enterprise’s support for the implementation of Brighter Future was linked to the visualization, modeling, and data exploration component, the result of the company’s experience and proven knowledge in this type of project, namely in rich Visualization solutions using complex massive data analysis algorithms with Microsoft technologies.

Singularity Digital Enterprise’s team developed its work using methodologies, advanced visualization techniques, and Design Thinking tools, while using data transformation mechanisms supported by Microsoft Big Data tools, to respond to the complexity of the project, first in Portugal of this nature.

The Brighter Future platform was created by Fundação José Neves, which used partners for its development, namely, Singularity Digital Enterprise, Universidade do Minho, Universidade de Aveiro and AskBlue.

“In a future that is increasingly digital and fast, it is crucial to create platforms for sharing relevant information and that are easily accessible to allow citizens to make decisions quickly and in an informed manner about their future. In this context, the work developed by Singularity Digital Enterprise on Brighter Future, through the modeling of more than 200 million data records, was important to simplify the complexity of data visualization.” says Carlos Oliveira, Executive President of Fundação José Neves.

“This was a project that, due to its contribution to the country’s development, became even more important for the entire team. We were able to develop visuals and reports in a very intuitive and user-friendly way that allows users to reach innovative indicators for the labor market in Portugal. I feel that we have contributed to a solution that will positively affect the future of our country”, says Pedro André Martins, CEO of Singularity Digital Enterprise.


Some figures that exemplify the complexity of the Project developed by Singularity Digital Enterprise:

+200 million records from +2500 files from different data sources.

+50 GB of data.

+200 different analysis graphs.

+100 different pages of information exploration.

+400 analysis indicators.

+70 information tables.