Supporting Responsible AI: Singularity’s Digital Enterprise Take on the European Union’s Proposed AI Act

At Singularity Digital Enterprise, we understand the importance of developing and using AI technologies responsibly. We believe that the proposed Artificial Intelligence Act by the European Union is a step in the right direction to ensure the ethical use of AI. The risk-based system proposed by the Act is a pragmatic approach to regulating AI technologies that potentially pose a risk to people’s health and safety or fundamental rights.

The European Union is considering the proposed Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act, a new legislation aimed at regulating the development and use of AI technologies. The Act introduces a classification system that categorizes AI systems into four risk tiers based on their potential impact on a person’s health, safety, or fundamental rights: unacceptable, high, limited, and minimal. AI systems with limited or minimal risk would have fewer requirements for use, while systems that pose an unacceptable risk would be prohibited with a few exceptions. High-risk AI systems would be permitted, but they would have to undergo rigorous testing, maintain proper data quality documentation, and adhere to an accountability framework. The proposed law also outlines regulations for general-purpose AI and proposes a European Artificial Intelligence Board to oversee the implementation of the regulation. The European Council adopted the proposed legislation in late 2022, and is currently under discussion in the European Parliament.