ActivoBank Adopts Power Management Cockpit® to Increase Bank Performance

Today, as never before, managers must have tools that allow them to control, monitor, and anticipate their business.

In its relentless search for innovation to simplify processes, ActivoBank decided to adopt a solution for compiling analytical and management information, with the primary objective of making the analysis and decision-making process more efficient for different levels of the bank’s structure. For this, they challenged Singularity Digital Enterprise.

As such, the following objectives/needs were also identified:

  • Aggregate the Bank’s leading indicators, that were spread across multiple reports, onto a single platform.
  • Substantiate information sets and indicators relevant to the commercial and servicing component.
  • Create a middleware with daily granularity, operation, and history to ensure an aggregation with detailed channels.
  • Tell a good data story to provide more interactive and dynamic data exploration than the current one.

With the implementation of the Power Management Cockpit®, an information reference architecture was defined; regular data collection processes were organized and, above all, ActivoBank gained the ability to grow and incorporate the new information that continuously flows in.

Currently, the Bank has a set of almost 400 indicators that show, at any given moment, the necessary information to have an adequate overview and keep up with the business. In just four months, Singularity’s team completed the development and implementation of ActivoBank’s Power Management Cockpit® (PMC) solution.