EDP adopts Power Management Cockpit for its operational follow up activity

Management reports are essential for informed and timely decision making. However, the time spent on standardizing KPIs and creating reports becomes a source of expensive and ineffective labor consumption. In addition, these reports read different data sources and are static over time. It becomes a frustrating race against time that consumes considerable resources.

EDP’s Digital Global Unit invited Singularity Digital Enterprise to present the EDP Group’s Management with a unique reporting solution that would make it possible to monitor all business performance in a rich, intuitive and uniform manner.

Such a solution would require standardized operational indicators, with updated data, using a multiplicity of internal data sources. The dashboard for analyzing EDP Group’s main operational indicators would have to allow:

  • Automated KPI collection
  • Improved KPI reporting frequency
  • High efficiency in the analysis process
  • Decision making support

After the usual requirements gathering to develop the solution, it became clear that over 400 different KPIs (from all the participating companies in EDP Group) would have to be aggregated, from 12 category dimensions and 12 different data sources.