GALP Adopts Power Management Cockpit® For Risk Management

The Risk Management Department at Galp invited Singularity Digital Enterprise (SDE) to present a single reporting solution that monitors and manages the company’s global corporate risk in an intuitive, rich, and uniform way.

To deliver a solution that would address all the pain-points, needs and features requested by Galp, Singularity faced two main challenges:

  • The aggregation of 239 indicators from 5 different data sources
  • The validation and refining of the calculation criteria for the Risk Key Indicators and building a rich visual representation for each one

Singularity’s team proposed the implementation of a Power Management Cockpit (PMC) for Risk Management, a tailor-fitted proprietary solution.

The main benefits of Singularity Digital Enterprise PMC for Risk Management include:

  • More informed business decisions, supported by trustable, meaningful, and relevant business indicators
  • Uncover and explore new business insights that create value
  • Centralized overview where Top Managers use the exact same KRI’s and data feeds
  • Dynamic information – historical data from any timeframe can be accurately compared
  • Updated information – always on and connected

In just two months, Galp successfully aggregated all its corporate risk information in a single interactive and intuitive tool that brought together their most critical risk indicators. This allows them to constantly monitor, analyze and assess in detail the performance of all 239 of their Key Risk Indicators, aggregated from 5 different data sources.