Power Management Cockpit® for People & Organizations – EDP

With a workforce of about 13 thousand employees and a customer base of over 12 million, EDP faces the challenge of managing a complex and dynamic business environment that requires timely and effective decision-making. To support its People and Organization Strategy across all Countries and Companies, asked Singularity Digital Enterprise to adapt Power Management Cockpit® Solution to manage all the P&O most relevant Indicators of the 13 thousand employees.

The growing need to adapt decision-making to the new corporate strategic lines of employee management and effectively manage the KPIs associated with it, led the People & Organizations (P&O) department at EDP to invite Singularity Digital Enterprise to develop a dynamic and interactive solution that is capable of providing the key metrics to EDP Group stakeholders.

With the implementation of the Power Management Cockpit® for People & Organizations, the processes for collecting information on a regular basis were organized with a significant reduction in analysis time in the dynamic search of KPIs, in the exploration of information in a single platform and in rapid access to history. On the other hand, new insights and availability of the most frequent data became available, as well as an integrated view of the different types of data available, encompassing 350 management indicators.