Safetykleen adopts Power Management Cockpit® for sales improving efficiency

Since the invention of the first parts washer, “a sink mounted on a drum” Safetykleen has consistently innovated to offer safer and more environmentally friendly systems. Within this spirit of innovation is the constant search for the best business solutions, to provide better commercial efficiency and a positive impact on sales.

Safetykleen understands managers need tools to control, monitor, and anticipate their business. With this context setting in mind, Safetykleen challenged Singularity Digital Enterprise to present a dynamic and interactive solution capable of providing indicators and compiling analytical and management information, making the analysis and decision-making process more efficient.

With the Power Management Cockpit® for Sales, an information reference architecture was established, and regular data-collection processes were implemented. This significantly reduced the time needed for dynamic KPI searches, exploring information on the platform, and quick access to historical data.

New insights, such as a quick and detailed comparison between metrics and analysis periods, new comparison options, seller rankings by category, sale forecasts, and better data availability frequency, became available.

Safetykleen’s management team finally started working with an integrated view of different datasets. The ability to export data and automated calculations resulted in greater efficiency in sales and work carried out by the company’s commercial department. The work and solution implemented directly and positively impacted SafetyKleen’s business.