Singularity DE develops Data Modeling and Visualization for Brighter Future Platform, José Neves Foundation

José Neves Foundation’s vision was to develop a digital platform with free and universal access, which would provide data on employability in Portugal and integrate information on the evolution of the Portuguese population’s qualifications, as well as the results of their training, to guarantee a match between people and their future.

To this end, this digital tool would have to be able to transform data into knowledge and match relevant information about employment, education and skills in Portugal. It would also have to allow students and professionals to search, explore and compare information, helping them make conscious and forward-looking decisions.

The vast experience and proven knowledge in delivering robust data projects with innovative solutions and out of the box analytical data visualizations, made Singularity DE the best choice for the implementation of this platform’s visualization, data modeling and exploration components through complex data analysis algorithms based on Microsoft technologies.

The Brighter Future platform was developed in just 4 months, providing the largest knowledge base on education, employability and skills in Portugal. It is the first time a project of this nature was implemented in our country. Part of Singularity DE’s work consisted of analyzing more than 200 million data records from more than 2,500 files from different data sources.

The implementation of this project allowed its platform users to have an intuitive, visually rich and dynamic experience, obtain relevant information in just a few seconds and receive automatic search recommendations on relevant insights, professions, courses and competences. José Neves Foundation’s Brighter Future platform is now a powerful tool that helps its users establish relevant links between people and their future.