Roamers Data Platform

Monetize Your Data


of a Telecommunications company with tons of roamers’ data?

The Roamers Data Platform captures millions of signals and transforms them into hundreds of valuable tourism indicators. It then feeds analytics websites and a powerful automatic report generator that delivers complex yet clear insights which, in turn, maximize our customer’s roamers related business.


Some industries that can benefit from Roamers: Tourism, Hotel & Hospitality, Healthcare, Events & Cultural Management, Transport, Territory Management, Restaurant Management.




Get The Indicators to Boost And Maximize Your Tourism Related Business

Access roamers geo locations, habits and demographics, and then sell urban planning tools to your customers

Upsell and Cross-sell your business, working with smart cities, transport operators, touristic planners, hospitality or any business that relies on travel

The platform can automatically generate up to 88 core indicators with geographical and ranking information (tourist pressure, density, diversity, digital sophistication…)

Small Investment: there is no need to create complex apps, set up beacons or invest in thousands of IOT sensors. Whether you prefer a Cloud or On-Premises solutions, it is up to you