Providing Customers with

Top Talent IT Teams

Get your new IT Team
setup and running

TaaS is a new model of designing teams with a skillset that is totally fitted to the specific needs of our customers, just like managed services.


Through our TaaS service we can quickly setup and deploy a team of IT professionals with the specific skillset(s) and seniority levels needed to deliver complex projects, augment installed capacity or even implement a new tech department at our customers. A TaaS team operates in an autonomous and decentralized way.

It’s an A-Team…

Run the team your way

More Agile

Agile and lean,
enabling improved focus.

Augment an in-house team

More Flexibility

Add resources as needed,
according to on-going
business requirements.

Lead a large scale project

More Talent

Access to top talent
IT resources on-demand.