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Singularity TaaS

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Team as a Service (TaaS) is a new model of designing teams with a skillset that is totally fitted to the specific needs of our customers, much like a managed services model.


Through our TaaS service you can quickly setup and deploy a team of IT professionals with the specific skillset(s) and seniority levels needed to deliver complex projects, augment installed capacity or even implement a new tech department in your organization. A TaaS team operates in an autonomous and decentralized way…

It’s an A-Team!

Manage The Team Your Way

More Agility

Agile & lean model, enabling improved focus.

Augment Your In-House Team

More Flexibility

Add more resources as needed, according to ongoing business requirements.

Lead a Large Scale Project

More Talent

Access top talent teams on-demand.

Advantages for Your Business

Better Return on Investment

Make a lower investment, with lower risk and better


Quick team setup, deployment, ramp up, scale down and composition change

Focus on Products, Services & Clients

Maintain your focus on the “what” and not on the “how”

Updated Tools & Professionals

Access to updated tools and trained professionals

Adaptable Management Model

Manage the team your way or we can manage it for you

Examples of TaaS Teams

Team 1 > Business Intelligence Team
• Business Analyst
• Senior BI Developer
• Junior BI Developer
• ETL Developer
• Project Manager (optional)
Team 2 > .NET Development Team
• Senior Developer .NET
• Junior Developer .NET
• Tester
• Project Manager (optional)
Team 3 > IT Support Team
• Senior Support Engineer / Team Lead
• Systems Support Engineer
• Infrastructure Support Engineer
• Network Support Engineer
Team 4 > Java Development Team
• Tech Lead / Senior Developer JAVA
• Senior Developer JAVA
• Junior Developer JAVA
• Automation Tester
• Project Manager (optional)